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2018 MRL Workshop: May 30 - 31

The 2018 MRL Workshop will be May 30 - 31 in San Francisco: The interactive seminar will address critically important issues for stakeholders with interests in exporting agricultural products. Growers, packers, shippers, PCAs, registrants, regulators, trade experts, and other stakeholders in international trade are strongly encouraged to attend.
Presentation Topics: international trade trends, global registrations, pesticide residue monitoring, MRL strategies for growers, updates for international residue standards (US, NAFTA, Asia, EU, Codex, global etc.), inadvertent issues and panel discussions. In addition to nationally known experts, we will also have 4-6 international presenters.
May 29, 2018 (Tuesday) 3 PM - 6:00 PM Early Registration
May 30, 2018 (Wednesday) 8 AM – 5:00 PM followed by evening reception (ends at 7 PM)
May 31, 2018 (Thursday) 8 AM – noon
May 30, 2018 Continental breakfast (6:30 AM), lunch (noon) and evening reception (5:00-7:00 PM) May 31, 2018 Continental breakfast (6:30 AM)
Location: Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf at 555 North Point Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
Early Registration by March 31 is $425 (After March, $475):
Registration fees will be handled through our Pay Pal account. Those who rather pay at the meeting site will have that option. If you cancel your participation to the Workshop prior to May 1 there is no penalty. No refund for cancellation after April 30.
On-line Meeting Registration: Click Here
Conference Hotel is Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf: Click Here
Limited room block available at the group rate of $239 pt. Deadline for room block at conference rate: May 11, 2018. Phone: 1-888-421-1442 and refer to the CSCC MRL Workshops. Parking for $35 per night for first 35 cars.
For Pest Control Advisors: 5.0 CEUs (pending CDPR approval)
2018 Agenda: The agenda is now available. Word doc or PDF
Contact Information: For those with questions please contact: Gary W. Van Sickle,
Executive Director, 31831 Road 132, Visalia CA 93292,

2017 MRL Workshop Presentations:


  1. Welcome & Agenda Review (Gary Van Sickle, CA Specialty Crops Council) Click Here
  2. Pesticide Regulatory Trends in the New Administration (Ed Ruckert, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP ) Click Here
  3. Taiwan MRL List and Regulatory Implementation (Emily Kao, Chief of Food Safety Assessment, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan) Click Here
  4. MRL Establishment in Australia (James Deller, Director, Residues and Trade, APVMA, Australia) Click Here
  5. South Korea MRL Setting & Positive List Update (Jin Sook Kim, Deputy Director, Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, South Korea) Click Here
  6. An Industry Perspective on Import MRLs in APEC (Audrey Chen, Principal Research Associate, FMC Corporation and Beyond) Click Here
  7. Trade Issues Report from FAS-USDA (Julie Chao, Senior International Trade Specialist, USDA-FAS) Click Here
  8. Global MRL Database Update (Kimberly Berry, Sr. Mgr, Data Services, Bryant Christie, Inc.) Click Here
  9. Recent Work in the WTO SPS Committee on Pesticide MRLs (Julia Doherty, Senior Director, SPS and Agricultural Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative) Click Here
  10. Taiwan & S. Korea Workshops Report, and Pulse MRL Update (Lois Rossi, Rossi Regulatory Consulting Group) Click Here
  11. EPA Update (Rick Keigwin, Acting Director, OPP, EPA) Click Here
  12. Agrian-BCI Update (James Christie, President, Bryant Christie, Inc.) Click Here
  13. Facts, not Fears. A New Way to Reassure Consumers About the Safety of Organic and Conventional Produce (Teresa Thorne, Executive Director, The Alliance for Food and Farming) Click Here
  14. Impact of the Inadvertent MRLs – How to Keep a Happy World? (Carmen Tiu, Global Residue & MRL Strategy Leader, Dow AgroSciences) Click Here
  15. IR-4 International Activities Report (Dan Kunkel, Associate Director, Food and International Programs, The IR-4 Program) Click Here


  1. Endocrine Disruption and Hazzard Criteria in the EU: Managing the Trade Challenges (Euros Jones, Director of Regulatory Affairs, European Crop Protection Association) Click Here
    • Issues in the setting of import tolerances in the European Union Click Here
    • CLI presentation on Kyd Brenner Study of Feb 2014 Click Here
    • Kyd Brenner study on potential trade impact of hazard based decisions - Sept 2016 Click Here
    • ECPA presentation on ED in chemicals - GlobalChem Conference - March 2017 Click Here

  2. MRL Compliance Beyond the Farm, A Consumer Packaged Goods Perspective (Ron Williams, Jr., Director, Crop Protection Technical Safety, The Coca-Cola Company) Click Here
  3. MRLs and Wine (Katherine Bedard, International Trade Policy Manager, Wine Institute) Click Here
  4. Tackling MRL Related Trade Issues in the Canadian Grain Sector (Tyler Bjornson, President, Canada Grains Council) Click Here
  5. Spice MRL Issues (John Hallagan, General Council, American Spice Trade Association) Click Here
  6. Invasive Species and Export Markets: The SWD Management Experience (Mike Willet, Manager, WA Tree Fruit Research Commission) Click Here
  7. Spotted Wind Drosophila: Quarantine Treatment Development for CA Specialty Crops (Spencer Walse, Research Chemist, USDA-ARS) Click Here

2016 MRL Workshop Presentations:


  1. How Modern Agriculture Reduces Food Waste and the Role of MRL Harmonization (Jay Vroom, President, CropLife America) Click Here
  2. Economic and Trade Impacts of the EU’s Regulatory Changes (Caroline Harris, VP & Principal Scientist/Center Director, Exponent International Limited) Click Here
  3. Update on Fosetyl-Al in the EU (Spencer Walse, Research Chemist, USDA-ARS) Click Here
  4. Korean MRL Setting & Positive List (Hyochin Kim, Scientific Officer, Food Standard Division, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Korea) Click Here
  5. Current Issues Affecting MRL Harmonization (Cindy Baker-Smith, Senior Vice-President, AMVAC) Click Here
  6. Trade Issues Report from FAS-USDA (Mayra Caldera) Click Here
  7. Global MRL Database Update (Kimberly Berry, Sr. Mgr. Data Services, Bryant Christie, Inc.) Click Here
  8. Pesticide Regulations in Chile (Eduardo Aylwin, Agricultural Engineer, Chile) Click Here
  9. Brazil MRL Update (Ana Carolina Lamy, Federal Inspector, Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture) Click Here
  10. EPA & Codex Updates, APEC MRL Report (David Miller, Chief, Chemistry & Exposure Branch, US EPA) Click Here
  11. Hong Kong Update (Matt Lantz, Vice President, Global Access, Bryant Christie, Inc. Group) Click Here
  12. Panel: How Harmonized are MRLs Since 2005 & Lessons Learned (Matt Lantz, Vice President, Global Access, Bryant Christie, Inc. Group Kimberly Berry, Mayra Caldera, Phil Brindle, Senior Manager, Global MRLs & Import Tolerances, BASF Agricultural Solutions, Matt Lantz, & Gabriele Ludwig, Associate Director, Environmental Affairs, Almond Board of California)


  1. Canadian MRL update (Pierre Petelle, Vice-President, Chemistry, CropLife Canada) Click Here
  2. Update on MRL Activities – International Year of Pulse 2016 (Gord Kurbis, Director, Market Access and Trade Policy, Pulse Canada / Canadian Special Crops Association) Click Here
  3. Case Study: Way Forward to Accelerate Harmonized MRLs to Enable Trade Learning from Sivanto and Japan (Jamin Huang, Senior Regulatory Manager, Bayer CropScience) Click Here
  4. IR-4 International Activities Update (Jerry Baron, Director, Food and International Programs, The IR-4 Program) Click Here
  5. MRL and Food Safety Update in India (Deepa Bhajekar, Director ‘d technology’, Mumbai, India) Click Here
  6. The FDA Pesticide Residue Program (Chris Sack, Residue Expert, US FDA) Click Here
  7. Postharvest Residue Remediation: Breaking MRL Trade Barriers for Specialty Crops Wrap Up Discussion/ Action Items/Evaluations (Spencer Walse, Research Chemist, USDA-ARS) Click Here

2015 MRL Workshop Presentations:


  1. Trade Report (Mayra Caldera) Click Here
  2. Agrochemical Regulation in the EU - Changes to Legislation & Potential Impacts (Dr. Caroline Harris & Rober Mason) Click Here
  3. Korean MRL Setting & Positive List System (Hyochin Kim) Click Here
  4. Maximum Residue Limts Settlement and Regulations in Taiwan (Yi-Ting, Emily Kao) Click Here
  5. Pesticide Regulation System Japan (Atsuko Horibe) Click Here
  6. Mexico MRL Assignments Rule (Alma Tovar Diaz) Click Here
  7. Introducing the Global MRL Database (Kimberly Berry) Click Here
  8. Improving the Linkage Between Global MRL Standards & Growers (Bryant Christie, Inc. & Agrain, Inc.) Click Here
  9. California Association of Pest Control Advisers (Renee Rianda) Click Here
  10. Field Pesticide Program (Renee Rianda) Click Here
  11. Development of an MRL - Compliment IPM Program for Cherry (John E. Dunley) Click Here
  12. EPA Regulatory Update (Barbara Madden) Click Here
  13. Global MRL Challenges (Lois Rossi) Click Here


  1. Canadian MRL update (Gord Kurbis) Click Here
  2. Pesticide Residue Reports in the USA & UE (Heidi Irrig, M.Sc.) Click Here
  3. Codex Regulations (Barbara Madden) Click Here
  4. IR-4's Support for US Exports New Strategic Plan: Vision 20/20 (Dan Kunkel) Click Here
  5. California Pesticide Residue Monitoring: How We Do It (Amna Hawatky) Click Here
  6. Postharvest Technologies for Residue Remediation (Spencer Walse) Click Here
  7. Can Residue Decline Curves Help Compliance with Foreign & Secondary MRLs? (Molly Miller) Click Here

2014 MRL Workshop Presentations


  1. Foreign Agricultural Service Update, United States Department of Agriculture (Rasmussen) Click Here
  2. Recent Developments in MRL Estimations in the EU (Hohgart) Click Here
  3. MRL and Trade (Thorp, Ph.D.) Click Here
  4. Impacts of EU Pesticide Regulatory System on US Growers (Ludwig, Ph.D.) Click Here
  5. Import Tolerance and Positive List System of pesticide in Korea (Kim) Click Here
  6. Upper Midwest Strategic Development of MRL Managment Systems in Tree Fruit (Whalon) Click Here
  7. Wild Blueberry Commission of Maine (Bell) Click Here
  8. MRL Issues for California Citrus (Cranney) Click Here
  9. MRLs Then and Now (Lanini) Click Here
  10. CA Specialty Crop Council 2014 MRL Harmonization Workshop (Mori) Click Here
  11. MRLs; Our Past , Present & Future (Irrig) Click Here
  12. Registrant Panel Discussion in 2014 MRL Harmonization Workshop (Huang) Click Here
  13. Example MRL issues/solutions registrants face (Brindle) Click Here
  14. International Iniatives (Rossi) Click Here


  1. Canadian MRL update (Patelle) Click Here
  2. Non-Anticipated Impacts of Residue Tolerances (Ritenour) Click Here
  3. Emerging Pesticide Residue Regulations in Hong Kong: August 2014 Enactment of its Modified Positive List (Willett) Click Here
  4. Supporting US Export Markets (Sisco) Click Here
  5. MRL Database Grower Priority (Lantz) Click Here

2013 MRL Workshop Presentations:

  1. US Ag Trade and Farm Policy (Schramm) Click Here
  2. Logistics (Leitner) Click Here
  3. Food Co. Perspectives on MRLs (Williams) Click Here
  4. Trade Issues USDA-FAS (Scott) Click Here
  5. US EPA Harmonization Activities (Madden) Click Here
  6. EU Regulatory Initiatives (Eimontaite) Click Here
  7. Canadian Minor Use Program (Sethi) Click Here
  8. Central America (Fernandez) Click Here
  9. Asia Overview (Berry) Click Here
  10. Russia (Paggi) Click Here
  11. Cost of MRLs (Scholz) Click Here
  12. Secondary Standards (Irrig) Click Here
  13. Analytical Testing (Saini) Click Here
  14. IR-4 Global Residue Studies (Kunkel) Click Here
  15. Codex 101 (Madden) Click Here
  16. Methyl Bromide and Montreal Protocol (Botts) Click Here
  17. Managing MRLs – Methyl Bromide as Tool (Walse) Click Here
  18. MRL Database and Global Priorities (Berry) Click Here

2013 CEU Information for Pest Control Advisors:  7.0 CEUs
June 5 CDPR Code M-0748-13     5.0 Hours   (0.5 Laws and Regs; 4.5 Other)
June 6 CDPR Code M-0749-13     2.0 Hours   (0.5 Laws and Regs; 1.5 Other)



2012 MRL Workshop Presentations:

  1. US Ag Products/ Global Consumers (Paggi) Click Here
  2. Trade Barriers (Tabor) Click Here
  3. US EPA Harmonization Activities (Rossi) Click Here
  4. Canadian Regulations and RCC (Law) Click Here
  5. EU Regulations and Legislation (Richter) Click Here
  6. China Regulations and Legislation (Song) Click Here
  7. MRL Driven IPM (Whalon) Click Here
  8. Analytical Challenges (Lupean) Click Here
  9. Vulnerability (Barron) Click Here
  10. 2012 Grower/PCA Panel (Lanini et al.) Click Here
  11. IR-4/ 2012 Global Minor Use Summit (Kunkel) Click Here
  12. Korea (Cranney) Click Here
  13. Asia (Berry) Click Here
  14. Japanese MRL Project (Berger and Downing) Click Here
  15. Methyl Bromide and Montreal Protocol (Botts) Click Here
  16. Challenges of Globally Harmonized MRLs (Tiu) Click Here
  17. Wrap Up and Action Items 2012 MRL Workshop Click Here