MRL Workshop 2024

2024 MRL Workshop: May 22 – 23

The interactive seminar will address critically important issues for stakeholders with interests in exporting agricultural products. Growers, packers, shippers, PCAs, registrants, regulators, trade experts, and other stakeholders in international trade are strongly encouraged to attend. The offical language for the workshop is English.

Presentation Topics: international trade trends, global registrations, pesticide residue monitoring, MRL strategies for growers, updates for international residue standards (US, NAFTA, Asia, EU, Codex, global etc.), inadvertent issues and panel discussions. In addition to nationally known experts, we will also have 4-6 international presenters.

2024 MRL Workshop Presentations May 22-23

  1. EU MRL and Trade Policy Ahead of European Elections (Kevin Bosc, Global Crop Protection Advocacy Leader, Corteva Agriscience)
  2. EU Pesticide Policies – A Trade Perspective (Robert Ahern, Director for WTO Agricultural Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative)
  3. The MRL Processes in the UK for GB and NI (Julian Cudmore, MRL Technical Lead and Consumer Exposure Specialist, Chemicals Regulation Division, HSE, United Kingdom)
  4. EU Litigation Update (Edward Thomas, Deputy General Counsel, CropLife America)
  5. Taiwan Positive List and Enforcement ( Tzu-Yi Wang, Associate Researcher, Food Safety Division, TFDA, Taiwan)
  6. MRL Establishment in Brazil – Regulation and Technical Criteria (Adriana Torres de Sousa, Manager, ANVISA, Brazil)
  7. Mexican Regulatory Perspective in Pesticides (Luis Alberto Osorio, Executive Director, PROCCYT, Mexico)
  8. Canadian MRL Update (Monique Thomas, Section Head, Pest Management Regulatory Agency, Health Canada)
  9. EPA Priorities and Updates (Nancy Fitz, Minor Use Team Leader, OPP, U.S. EPA)
  10. IR-4 International Activities Report (Mary Hausbeck, Management Committee, IR-4 Project)
  11. FAS Update (Sabina Neumann, Senior Trade Advisor, USDA-FAS)
  12. Panel: “Sustainability of Global Trade and Impact from MRL National Policies (Moderator: Matt Lantz, Vice President, Global Access, Bryant Christie, Inc. Panel: Robert Ahern Director for WTO Agricultural Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Gord Kurbis, Senior Associate, T. Bjornson & Associates Consulting, Inc., Molly O’Connor, Director, Federal Government Relations, CropLife America, and Michelle Sharpe, MRL Strategist, North America, BASF)

ThursdayMay 23

  1. The Endangered Species Act Workplan: Updates on Progress and Impacts on MRLs (Frank Wong, Industry Affairs Lead, Bayer Crop Science and Amelia Jackson-Gheissari, NA Trade Flow Lead, Bayer Crop Science)
  2. MRLs for Processed Commodities (Nakia Smith, Director, Crop Protection, The Coca-Cola Company)
  3. Codex Update (Marie Maratos Bhat, International Issues Analyst, U.S. Codex Office, USDA)
  4. Minor Use Foundation Update (Anna Gore, Executive Director, Minor Use Foundation)
  5. MRL Concerns for Pistachio Nuts (Stephen Vasquez, Executive Director, California Pistachio Research Board)
  6. ­­­­Canadian Cereals:  Growing Market Ready Crops (Krista Zuzak, Director, Crop Protection and Production, Cereals Canada)
  7. MRL Research Update (Spencer Walse, Research Chemist, USDA-ARS)